February Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

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MARCH 1, 2017


Our month of hosting the RPG Blog Carnival has come to end, and it was fantastic.  There were a ton of fantastic contributions.

The topic was rethinking encounters, including rethinking encounter mechanics, making encounters more memorable, and more.

Be sure you check out these amazing contributions to the RPG Blog Carnival:

Jeff at the RPG Circus hit on the topic of encountering house rules.


Mark from Inspiration Strikes did a great piece on thinking of encounters as scenes, giving some excellent examples.


Clark Timmins did a wonderful piece with an insightful history on how encounters have evolved over the years since their birth.


Johnn Four did a great article with an encounter building recipe that you don’t want to miss.


Vance from Leicester’s Ramble created an inventive encounter using a Wikiipedia article (and provides a great lesson on acting when inspiration strikes).


Eli Kurtz did a fantastic article using the exact method that we laid out, and created an immersive encounter over at Mythic Gazetteer.


Another inspiring contribution from Mark at Inspiration Strikes, who makes scene exits an important part of encounters.


Johnn Fourr also did a stellar article on how to make encounters more intense.


Phil from Tales of a GM did an invaluable article on building improvised encounters that is a must read.


Gonzalo of Codex Anathema whipped up a fantastic article on re-engineering encounters and making them more memorable.


Vance from Leicester’s Ramble also put together a useful matrix for tracking multiple groups in an encounter.


And finally, Phil from Tales of a GM did a wonderful follow-up to his improvised encounter piece discussing the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of encounters, and why it matters.


And, if you missed it, check out our article, about getting encounter ideas immediately. http://tabletopterrors.com/dd-encounter-creation-get-ideas-immediately/

Thanks again for all of the support, and please comment below with any insights you might have after reading any of these magnificent articles.

Until next time, may your dice roll high.

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