Geek & Sundry Features Tabletop Terrors

Geek & Sundry Features Tabletop Terrors


James and I thought someone was playing a joke on us.


Surely someone photoshopped our thumbnail into the Geek & Sundry article that Matt Click shared in our Facebook Chat. “Hardey har har,” I said out loud to myself – until I clicked on the link. Turns out, it wasn’t a gag.


Jim Moreno of Geek & Sundry included Tabletop Terrors in his How to Learn How to Play Dungeons and Dragons the Easy Way.


β€œIn this short video, Tim and James tell you everything required to learn to play D&D. With their jovial and very relatable manner, they share the core basics of play, backed up with fantasy and real-world examples and scenarios that I easily follow along with.”


                                                                                                          – Jim Moreno

                                                                                                         Geek & Sundry


I’ve heard that Rule #1 of being noticed is to play it cool, and don’t gush. But I also know that for James and me, Rule #0 is to just be genuine, and this was one of the coolest things to happen to us all year – so we’re going to gush a little. Thanks again, Jim, and to all of you amazing people who care about what our big mouths have to say.


May Your Dice Roll High,


// Tim