We’re two brothers who believe that everyone can be happier by being more creative – and we use tabletop games to prove it.

At our soul, and in practice, we love connecting with people through the common ground of creativity and tabletop games. We write tabletop RPG books, make videos, and more.

Hey there. We’re brothers Tim and James, and we’re Tabletop Terrors. No matter your age or experience level with creativity or tabletop games, you belong here.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to play D&D, want some specifics on being more creative, want some ideas as a player or Dungeon Master, or just want to talk – you’re in the right place.

We’ve got a lot of outlets that we use to entertain and communicate with you. Videos, RPG books that we’ve written, a newsletter, and an amazingly positive Facebook community – and we’d love for you to be a part of the conversation on all of them.

We want to welcome you with a TabTerian Toast.

May you mend the first break
May you kill the first snake
And may you conquer,
Everything you undertake.

+ Tim & James +
The Brothers Terror


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      We write original books compatible with 5E. This is a great way to support us.

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      We’re not professionals, but we’re nerds on a weight loss journey. Join us.


      Our comedic take on making D&D books, life and gaming.

We have a Facebook Group where we hang out all the time, and inspire one another.
If you want to talk about D&D, ask questions, share ideas, or anything else
tabletop RPG related – you’ve found a positive, thriving community to do so.
We’re co-founders of the indie tabletop publisher Absolute Tabletop.
We’ve put out over 17 books, all compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.
Buying our books is a great way to support Tabletop Terrors.
Our videos are accessible, conversational tutorials on how to be more creative,
and learn more about D&D. We have fun, and want to invite you to be a part.
Weekly inspiration for players and game masters, including Player Mustard, and
Game Master Hot Sauce – inspirational things to use right away in your next game.
We’re not professionals, but we’re nerds on a fitness journey. This could be weight loss,
dietary, or overall health – no matter, we’re interested in wellness. Join us.
We out a monthly web comic called Roll to Stabilize with our great friend Aleksandar Kostic.
It’s our comedic take on making D&D books, gaming, life, and pop-culture.